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5 Things to Know Before a Smile Makeover

5 Things to Know Before a Smile Makeover

A full smile restoration is a great option for patients who are experiencing multiple cosmetic

dental concerns. Most restorations involve a combination of restorative and aesthetic

treatments that will create a comprehensive smile makeover. Some concerns that would

make you eligible for a smile makeover include staining, discoloration, chips, gaps,

misalignment, and asymmetrical gum tissue.

Here are some things to consider while deciding if you are a candidate for a smile makeover:

1. A Smile Makeover is an Investment

A full smile makeover usually involves two treatments, a pre-op consultation,

and the restorative procedure itself. Both of these commitments will only

progress your journey toward your dream smile. Once you have been

examined and it is determined that you are a candidate, our dentist will create

a personalized treatment plan for you. This treatment plan is meant to create

a smile for you that will last for years to come. As long as you follow our

dentist’s oral-care recommendations throughout the process of your

transformation, you will have no problem maintaining your new smile.

2. Choosing a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist is Essential

Choosing the perfect dentist to repair your smile is arguably the most vital

decision you will make throughout this journey. Our cosmetic dentists here at

Toland Dental have extensive experience in all steps of your procedure, from

health and function to aesthetics and comfort. In addition to researching your

dentist’s credentials, we recommend looking at previous patient’s

before-and-after photos and testimonials. This is a great way to gain

knowledge from someone who has already completed this process.

3. Ensure Thorough Communication Throughout your Journey

Transparency and communication are key if you want a full smile restoration.

It is so important for your dentist to understand exactly what you want out of

your new smile. The right dentist will have all the tips and tricks to address

your individual needs, concerns, and goals. Of course, our dentists can make

recommendations if necessary, but at the end of the day, it is your smile that

we want you to LOVE!

Our priority at Toland Dental is to create an environment that is comfortable

and has an open communication on all ends. We have a plethora of

advanced technologies that will only enhance your experience and provide

you with detailed information through every step of the process. We use

state-of-the-art technology and digital imaging technology to show you exactly

what options we have and how they can affect your appearance. You can rest

assured knowing that both ends of the party are on the same page, with the

same common goal.

4. You Might Need a Separate Treatment First

Depending on the severity of your dental concerns, you might need additional

treatment prior to your restoration. Immediately addressing these concerns will only

help us in creating a smile that will last as long as possible.

5. Occasional Follow-Up Treatments Might be Necessary

While some restorative options might last for decades with the proper care, others

might require occasional routine touch-ups. This is especially true for teeth whitening

services that need maintenance to sustain your bright, white smile.

Schedule your Free Consultation Today

At Toland Dental, our smile restoration experts have the highest level of experience

and technology to create your dream smile. We are skilled every step of the way, from

consultation to delivery and post-operative care. We offer free consultations to talk to you

about your dream smile and what we can do to create it.

Call our office today!



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